Date:2019-07-11 00:00:00

Special Features:

1.     Automatic Deposit and automatic withdrawal( Can be set admin review) of Scrypt/Sha256/Lyra/X11/X13 related coin

2.     Ethereum and Unlimited ERC token adding option with automatic deposit and withdrawal.

3.     Waves and its all tokens adding system

4.     Monero/Cryptonite type all coin adding system

5.     Ether type/Ethash all coin adding system

So all those types of coin we can add, which will work automatically deposit and withdrawal.

Listing Fees:

1. Waves type : 0.25 BTC, waves token: 0.15 BTC

2. Ethereum Type Coin: 0.25 BTC, ETher Token: 0.15 BTC

3. Bitcoin Type: 0.15 BTC

4. Monero type/Cryptonight: 0.25 BTC

Listing Time: Its varies from 1-7 working days.

Delisting Policy:

1. If volume is below $100 per month, we will delist

2. If coin chain broke, We will delist

3. If Coin website/Explore goes offline, we will delist

4. If anycoin have proved scam policy, we will delist

Refund Policy:

Incase if we can not list coin because of technical or other issues, we will refund fully.

How to list:

1. Send coin details includes Coin name, Coin Ticker, Coin Algo(If token then Asset id/Contract id), Website/Social links/, Coin Explorer, Coin sourcecode details to [email protected]

2. After receiving details, we will check and send you confirmation of listing with wallet address for pay listing fees.