Trading Guide

Date:2019-07-05 07:09:10

Trade Guide:

We have built in 3 types of Trading system:

1. Limit: Which is usual market trading system, decide price of sell or buy and put for order, and wait for other trader buy/sell it to fulfill your order.

2. Market: Which will be sold as per market running sell/buy rate, it depends on quantity. If in market sell quantity is 100 and you have ordered for 200 quantity, then 100 QTY will be fulfilled and 100 QTY will be pending on Limit market, till you cancel order or some other trader put 100QTY sell on same price.

3. STOP-Limit: On this type, you can put condition of SELL/BUY. Example:

If dogecoin goes 0.00000020 then create 200QTY buy order on price 0.00000021

* There is no limits on quantity.